The Legal status

  Legal status and basic functions  

The main objectives of the Department of Statistics of Kyzylorda region are:

- implementation of the state policy in the field of statistics;

- maintenance and improvement of a common statistical information system based on scientific methodology and international standards;

- preservation of state secrets and commercial confidentiality of primary statistical information;

- ensuring the integrity, reliability and adequacy of statistical indicators, as well as timeliness of statistical information;

- comprehensive and objective study, generalization occurring in the region, economic and social processes and their development trends. 

The Department, in accordance with the current legislation of Kazakhstan and its task performs the following functions:

-          provides public authorities, businesses and the public objective statistical information on socio-economic development of the region;

-          implementing a program to improve the state statistics;ensures the availability of summary statistical information for businesses and individuals;

-          provides physical and legal persons providing information to state statistics, the blanks of statistical forms and instructions on how to fill them;

-          provides accumulation , maintenance and updating of information and statistical databases on the socio-economic situation in the region;

-          leads the state statistical register in accordance with international standards;preparing a report on the socio-economic development of the region, publishes and distributes statistical compilations, newsletters, economic surveys and other statistical materials ;

-          ensure the confidentiality of primary statistical information;

-          provides methodological guidance of households recording and use this account for the production of relevant statistics; 

-          free receives from legal entities and their structural subdivisions reliable state statistical reports in the volume and terms defined statistical work plan;

-          consider cases on administrative offenses on state statistics in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Structure of the Department    

     The Department of Statistics is a territorial body of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on statistics and the legal entity. The structure of the Department is composed of 12 branch offices, two city Department of Statistics and 7 district statistical offices.  The Department of Statistics 153 people work, including 114 civil servants. Services for the processing, transmission and duplication of statistical information provides branch of the Republican State Enterprise on the right of business  "Information  Computing Center of the Agency on Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan" in Kyzylorda region.